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Yanming Lake Resort

The site is located at Yanming Lake, which is the largest freshwater lake in the center of the North Core District of Zhengzhou, which is also the most import part of the wetland system of the Yellow River. The project intended to create a series of low-density residential neighborhoods and resort areas that co-exist with the spectacular native landscape. The inspiration came from two famous Chinese poems, which describe a secret pavilion that is hidden in the cloud to provide the most amazing lifestyle about nature and free spirit. The landscape design includes an entrance corridor to the site, a visitor garden, a meandering bridge floating on the lake, a waterfront pavilion, and sand beach with play elements and a series of lakeside trails. The design maximized the lake views for the users, and provide the most amazing space experience to enjoy the native landscape of the shoreline. 

LOCATION:  Zhengzhou, Henan, China
TYPE:  Landscape Design
TIME:  2017-2018
SIZE:  40,000 m²

(Some sculptures are provided by the client, not included in the landscape design service.)

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