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Xining Citizen Central Park

The goal of city renewal is not just to increase the value of public spaces, but more to stimulate imagination and creativity. Exploring, socializing, and learning all begin at the childhood stage, and even affect the life of an adult. A dynamic urban space- “Plant Ball” Park, was designed to create programs that stimulates creativity and imagination that allows children to exercise and recognize themselves. The “Plant Ball” is designed by OP-AL. This program can be integrated into the urban fabric, to inspire the city’s liveness, and to create an ecological, harmonious and interesting miniature city for kids. Let every child there get physical activity and all aspects of exercise through active playing.

LOCATION:  Xining, Qinghai, China
TYPE:  Landscape Design
TIME:  2018-2019
SIZE:  33,425 m²

(Some sculptures are provided by the client, not included in the landscape design service. Some photos provided by the client.)

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