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Ximing Town Master Plan

LOCATION:  Taiyuan, Shanxi, China
TYPE:  Planning / Landscape Design
TIME:  2017 
SIZE:  30 ha

The site is situated at the foot of the Taiyuan West Mountain that inherited a deep industrial memories. The master plan project is trying to reorganize the space structure of Ximing Town, to redefine the historical heritages in the town, to generate a new rhythm for the people living there. The planning strategies focusing on the vertical & holistic landscape that has four themes- Verticality, Linkage, Holistic and Condensation. At the foot of the Taiyuan West Mountain, a 36-hectare pastoral landscape that consists of three parts, including tourist agriculture landscape and vegetable gardens, orchards, and wetlands, creates a spectacular rural landscape system as an exploring journey at the urban edge. The planning provides the city with a safer eco- transit system and alternative transportation options that connect a series of public spaces- regional parks, pocket parks, linear parks. The planning also includes the rehabilitation of the local river system and mountain ecosystem. 

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