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Kunming Wanda Town Master Plan  

The site is adjacent to the Caohai Lake, and it is “the most garden-style living room” of Kunming. The planning goal is to create a mix-use district that including cultural activities, regional parks, tourist and residential neighborhoods. In order to create an interactive, ecological and site-specific planning scheme to the Flower City-Kunming, the team came up with five strategies- to create a landmark, to build up green infrastructure, to discover cultural expressing, to design public space system and to promote connectivity. A loop system is created within the site to connect open spaces and to provide continuous urban life scenarios. Streets and parks are designated with unique characteristics that tell different unique stories about the local culture and history, and to envision the future image of a dynamic community. As part of Dianchi Lake, which used to be a highly contaminated lake, the Caohai Lake area’s restoration project has a significant ecological value to the entire lake system. Collaborating with local ecological specialists, we integrated a series of sustainable strategies into the planning scheme, including rainwater harvesting, bio-infiltration pond, ecological floating island, and gravity flow wetland. The project makes a great contribution to facilitate the ecological restoration for the retire region. 

LOCATION:  Kunming, Yunnan, China
TYPE:  Planning / Landscape Design
TIME:  2018-2019
SIZE:  230 ha

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