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The Valley Park at Fuxian Lake Master Plan and Landscape Design

LOCATION:  Taiyuan, Shanxi, China
TYPE:  Planning / Landscape Design
TIME:  2017 
SIZE:  30 ha

Situated along one of the deepest freshwater lakes in China- Fuxian Lake, the planning project is aiming to create a unique and thriving community destination that fully expresses the advantages of the spectacular lake views and local cultures, such as fishery, terraced rice farming field, stargazing. One of the biggest challenges of the design is how to create an accessible and welcoming park space on an existing significant downslope. The design needs to ensure the quality of space esthetics and ecological benefits while balancing the cost and construction difficulties. A series of interconnected “pod”-  the sacred forest, secret gardens, town center, light valley, activity zones, and floating gardens, are embedded into the topography and laid out from top to bottom. It resonates with indigenous living culture experience while facilitates a refreshing and active way of enjoying life.

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