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Fangding Town Visitor Center

The project is located next to  the famous historical town- Fangding in the south area of Zhengzhou. The town is adjacent to two mountains, which make it featured with hilly topography. It is crossed by a river and included a lake in its territory. The design inherited the long valued local concept of land conservation that emphasized the preservation and adapting of the existing topography and native plants, that to design based on the local environment, to generate coexistence relationship between new and old. The project assigned different roles to the site areas based on topography- that the flat area will be used as main activity zone, and the hilly areas will be used as mini outdoor classrooms with fun landscape features. A series of vertical landscapes are created along with the terraced topography between the mountain and the lake. The design also included a natural boardwalk system, waterfront decks, and boat docks. 

LOCATION:  Zhengzhou, Henan, China
TYPE:  Landscape Design
TIME:  2017-2019
SIZE:  38,000 m²

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