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Fangding Town Master Plan

The inspiration of Fangding Town residential area planning project is how to capture and enhance the uniqueness and stunning scenery of the site through landscape design.  The design discovers the element derived from the distinct local architectural history and the fantastic natural surroundings. The reusing of the existing red stone texture and the native plants through the design create a pleasing living environment that embraces nature. Inherited into the park system, the central lake is preserved and serves as a public open space that unifies the entire site. The central lake is connected to a series of open spaces including a sports park, farms, orchards, trails and overlooks, and it becomes the place for people to socialize and interact. Low Impact Design methods are implemented throughout the site’s streets to minimize stormwater pollution and infiltration rainwater in order to promote the ecological environment benefit of the region.

LOCATION:  Zhengzhou, Henan, China
TYPE:  Planning
TIME:  2018
SIZE:  100 ha

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