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Ecool ACD Plaza

Ecool ACD Plaza is an urban regeneration project in Chongqing, transforming the old factory buildings into a creative, vibrant art destination. With minimal intervention as key principle, the design embraces the rich history of the site forming a sense of place. Existing trees were examined and preserved, demolished building materials were reconstructed as pavings forming the coarse but signature pattern. Other major improvements were increasing connectivity, forming an art plaza to catalyze cultural revitalization, using permeable paving to provide stormwater management while emphasizing the pattern of the urban fabric. The plaza has been holding art exhibition every year, including the work from Yichun Liu, Xianghui Liu, Xintao Jiao, Qiang Li, and many other Chinese contemporary artist. 

LOCATION:  Chongqing, China
TYPE:  Landscape Design
TIME:  2017
 (Photoes provided by the client.)

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