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Yuanpei Li Entrance Pavilion

Located in Changlingju, the Ecological and Livable demonstration area east of Guangzhou, the site blends into the green mountains. Designed to spark inspiration and creativity through the exploration of natural settings, the community is structured in accordance with the existing terrain. The valley, with playful educational elements scattered along, stimulates spontaneous learning. The ridge provides places for social events to encourage connections in the community.
Given that the site was hilly and unregulated  shaped, the designers still managed to create a stunning sequence of canyon exploration for the entrance pavilion. The entrance, a linear tree grooved doorway is followed by an enchanted pond reflecting the wandering horse sculpture and twilight. At the end section, tree groves and sky holes form peaceful spaces for internal peace.

LOCATION:  Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
TYPE:  Landscape Design
TIME:  2019
SIZE:  2000m²
 (Some sculptures are provided by the client, not included in the landscape design service.)

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