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Chongqing Grand 9th Street Master Plan

- Great Streets Make Great Cities 
The Grand 9th Street Master Plan is a renovation project aiming to create a new model for urban commercial pedestrian street, to accommodate tourists coming for shopping and meanwhile to service the residents living here for decades. Collaborating with the traffic engineer, the planning strategies include eliminating the traffic lanes, integrating the basic street functions into a series of artistic and smart structures and furniture. A smart LED canopy is created to extend the indoor shopping experience outside, to establish street characters, to provide spaces to generate green energy and to accommodate a variety of social activities. It gives a lot of new possibilities and choices to city residents, so they can enjoy a smart, green and interactive urban stage. With the efforts of a multidisciplinary team including designers, local government, business owners, local residents, police department and traffic engineers, the 9th street district has become a special part in the City of Chongqing, a popular spot of social activities after sunset and a gathering place for fashion and young cultures, that is far beyond what a commercial street traditionally mean. 

LOCATION:  Chongqing, China
TYPE:  Landscape Design 
TIME:  2018
SIZE:  70 ha

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