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Chongqing Forest Park Pavillion

The project aims to change a vacant land in the city of Chongqing into a green park, which inspired the team to come up with the concept of “Forest Oasis in the City”. In order to design the forest in its natural way, the team visited many wild forest areas in the local areas for a month, to find the most dreaming forest to mimic in the design. At last, they found it in the beautiful Wangshanping area, which has the most stunning forest of Metasequoia whose vertical truck and scattering branches always cast beautiful and variable shadows throughout the day. The team analysed the best spacing in the forest- 2m X 2.5-4m, that has the premium shadow effect, and use that parameter to design a 5000㎡ forest on site of Metasequoia. Meandering in the forest, a series of trails connecting a hidden pavilion,  sculptures field, and art spaces lead the people into the deep woods and away from the noisy city. 

LOCATION:  Chongqing, China
TYPE:  Landscape Design
TIME:  2017-2018
SIZE:  11,000 m²

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