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Zhengzhou Vanke Fangding Town Landscape Master Plan | Fangding

The inspiration behind Fangding Town residential area landscape planning lies in capturing what is unique and most beautiful about this place and enhancing it. For Fangding, the rich architectural history, the natural surroundings can be found in its most fundamental landscape elements: we use the the red rock wall throughout Fangding old town as a basic design element, natural landscape for example ornamental grasses and native plants are seen throughout the site.   


The landscape design is to create a luxury and contemporary retreat for the residence. The open space become the place for people to socialize and interact. LID methods are employed throught the site's public streets to control point pollution and purify rain water.
Several major landscape spaces are as follow: A series  of park space are created, the program includes sports park, pocket parks throughout , streetscape, entry way into different neighborhoods and dragon head park. 




100 ha 

Design Scope

Landscape Master Plan