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Kunming Wanda Town Landscape Master Plan and LID Plan | Kunming

The landscape design is to create a continuous, interactive, ecological and site specific design to the Flower City Kunming. The open space become the place for people to socialize and interact. LID methods are employed throughout the site to control point pollution and purify rain water.
Several major landscape spaces are as follows: A serial of park space are created, the program includes wedding parks (outdoor wedding ceremony lawns, squares, various romantic sets), community gardens (outdoor theaters, community fruit and vegetable gardens planting organic vegetables, outdoor kitchens, outdoor community long tables where everyone can sit around the table and chat and eat and talk.), the cultural park (a art fabric installation, various garden space, community center and iconic cultural exhibition hall).  Wetland Park of Wanda Five-Star Hotel, wetland preservation area and education area south of the Hubin Rd. 

Design Period



Overall Site Area 230 ha
Landscape Area 38  ha
Wetland Area  44 ha 


Landscape Master Plan and LID plan